Just Flick The “V” Sign Tour!

Just Flick The “V&#...

Hello! How are you guys? THE ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Right as you have seen our NESW TOUR KICKSTARTER didn’t reach it’s target. The whole idea of this with all the Goody bags can only work if we are buying it all in bulk. So Do we cancel the TOUR…??? OF COU..

Doozer McDooze at Farmer Phil’s Festival

Doozer McDooze at Farmer ...

Hello folks how you doing? This is Me and the Famous Artist Birdy Rose, finding out ALL of the lovely Cherry Cider was gone, 20 litres of it… I have spent the weekend at Farmer Phil’s Festival. I do love Farmer Phil’s, it’s up there as one..

Launch Night Video 6 – Doozer McDooze

Launch Night Video 6 R...

Hello Folks Hope you are all well. We are in the middle of the festival season. This year has been one of the best. Last week we had a few days at the Brilliants, while Birdy packed up her first ever t-shirt design. She got 104 pre orders in 24 hours, whi..

Launch Night Video 5 – Doozer McDooze

Launch Night Video 5 R...

Hello Folks, Well this weekend has been one of the most mental ones we have done this year. Mainly the mileage between shows. The first show was at Kent VW Festival, I played at 8pm to a crowd of people who were warming themselves up for a weekend of drin..

Launch Night Video 4 – Chuck SJ Hay

Launch Night Video 4 R...

Hello Folks, I hope you are all keeping well and are getting through Tuesday OK. This weekend I got to play with EFF OFF and Deferred Sucess at Thingamagig in Stock, just outside Billericay/Chelmsford, This is a festival is very close to my heart, it is ..

Launch Night Video 3 – Chuck SJ Hay

Launch Night Video 3 R...

HAPPY TUESDAY!!! I know Tuesday aren’t normally the happiest days, so this is my way to spread a bit of happiness. The weekend just gone I had the pleasure of playing two wonderful festivals. Wistful in Derbyshire and Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival in D..

Doozer McDooze North/East/South/West Tour

Doozer McDooze North/East...

Hello folks, Birdy and I have been up to something… well, we’re always up to something, but this year we seem to be having ideas and making them happen… and for some reason it’s working (Touch Wood). SO (!!!) we have an announcement to make, we..

Launch Night Video 2 – Skeg … again!

Launch Night Video 2 R...

Hello Folks, Happy Tuesday, we are currently somewhere in the back country and it is pouring down with rain. We had such a good time for Hoolie’s Birthday , it was called Hoolie FIVE O. Loads of cider was drunk. It was lovely to hang out with loads of f..

Launch Night Video 1 – Skeg

Launch Night Video 1 R...

This is the first of a series of videos that will be released on every Tuesday at around midday(ish) This is Skeg. When I first met him, he could strum a couple of chords together and there is a really nervous video of him on youtube covering Tyburn Jig ..

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