Doozer McDooze at Farmer Phil’s Festival

Posted On:16.08.2016

Hello folks how you doing?

13906772_10157360162055038_8498043735062703980_nThis is Me and the Famous Artist Birdy Rose, finding out ALL of the lovely Cherry Cider was gone, 20 litres of it…

I have spent the weekend at Farmer Phil’s Festival. I do love Farmer Phil’s, it’s up there as one of my favourites, with a weeks camping thrown in, and a Brilliant line up of all your festival faves… you’re guaranteed to have a good time.

I only got booked at the last minute, the lovely LJ found me a slot. It was at the variety tent, which was up the hill from the rest of the festival, just by Nana’s Kitchen.

I was worried about it being so far out of the way so I was bloody chuffed by the turn out, the tent was packed and there were even people outside, I wasn’t sure what time I was on and I was not in the program, so it was even more of an amazing turn out, wow thank you all for that!

I hosted an open mic for the rest of the evening up there. I haven’t done one of these in ages, so was really looking forward to it. Issac, a young lad of 10 (ish) played his guitar as the whole tent sang the song he was playing back at him. Pete Drake played a blinder, I think we met at Alchemy a few years back, Brain Stone and Morgan played some songs, and a big jam happened with a mysterious man called Steve doing spoken word over the top of it… it was brilliant.

Then I got Very Drunk…


Thank you Cheesey Vinyl Tent.

Our good friend Skeg couldn’t make his set on Saturday, so Brain Stone (real life Pirate) Morgan (School Boy Rock Star) and I played the slot. We threw a set together, some of Brain’s songs, some of mine, Drunken Sailor, Knock One Out For Jesus (by Devils Prefects), Bigger Man By Gaz Brookfield, and of course Pay the Nice Stuff Forward by Skeg. Did anyone film that? Would be nice to send it to Skeg.

Saturday Night was just lovely, I join the Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican and jumped up and down lot… wow I am unfit.

I am not totally sure what we did after that, every day we mainly wandered around, talked random stuff with Strangers, and even more random stuff with friends, watched bands, then rounded the night off by a fire and a bit of a sing song. Jake Martin and I wrote a tune together too.

Jake Martin is just back from his Oz Tour, in the UK for ten minutes to play here then he has his Wife Roo, hit the road to some more countries. They’re exploring the world a bit which looks like fun.

He is playing two of my Kickstarter Shows, 19th November at the Fiddlers Elow in Camden London, and 26th November at the Grain Barge in Bristol… which is on a boat!

It probably looks like a mental idea but it’s all going to be an amazing party, so if you wanna clear up the Winter Blues you can ONLY get your ticket through Kickstarter HERE by 02 September. You don’t even have to pay until the Kickstarter is complete so make sure your ticket is claimed before 02 September.

Anyway… Here is the N.E.S.W (North East South West) song written by Jake and I.
I am very happy to still have a new Tuesday Video.

Its a bit later than planned, but our laptop round out of power just as I was about to hit send, so we took a little walk up the road and found a lovely pub called the Bridges Inn where we had some food, and use of the free WIFI… Bonus

14040111_1580340065594369_2056384559769350376_nP.S. Live DVD and CD update:

August is mental, and was a lot more work then planned… Will be out soon, promise 😉

Next Festival we are at is Summer Sunset, I don’t know much about it but its at the Beach 🙂

Andy Will Also shout at me as I didn’t put up the date of Summer Sunset on the site…

SORRY ANDY, Here’s a poster of the event

Anyway Happy Travels and Speak Next Week


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