Doozer McDooze North/East/South/West Tour

Posted On:14.07.2016

Hello folks,

Birdy and I have been up to something… well, we’re always up to something, but this year we seem to be having ideas and making them happen… and for some reason it’s working (Touch Wood).

SO (!!!) we have an announcement to make, we’re going to do another Kickstarter!!!

kickstarter-logoYou’re probably wondering what we want to do another Kickstarter for. Since earlier this year we have been plotting to do a tour. However, we don’t want to just do any old tour. We wanted to see how well the Album Launch night would go before we would say anything, but we feel like we have created something special with this idea. While the Album Launch Kickstarter was happening we had people asking us if Doozer was going to do something similar closer to their home towns. So we’ve spent the last month (almost a month exactly from the Album Launch night) plotting and organising this tour.

Our plan is to do this tour in November, there will be five shows, one every Saturday until the first week of December. We’re calling it the North East South West tour (N.E.S.W Tour) and the five shows will be spread around the country clockwise, one in the North, One in the East, one in the South, one in the West and one show in the Middle (midlands). Hopefully this way, we’ll be able to see all of your faces at the shows this winter as we’ll be missing you lot while the weather turns miserable so it would be nice to have that festival feeling indoors to look forwards to. We have been very fortunate this year as it feels like more and more of you are coming out to join us in having a good time.

IMG_20160714_163125Our favourite thing about this tour will be the Merch Goody bags, as we like the idea of everyone being able to go home with something, especially something that you can only get at that show. The shows will be guaranteed to be full of the nicest people you have ever met, because don’t know any horrid people. On our Kickstarter we will announce the exact tour dates, venues and amazing support acts (we only know good musicians) we will also be detailing the Merch goodies so that you know what they are.

This Kickstarter will be launched on Thursday 28th July at 6:30pm (ish). It will run for 30 days and the tickets to the shows will be £22 each, there will ONLY be 100 tickets available for each show.

We’re really excited about this and hope that you would like to join us on our journey in having a good time. Keep your eyes out for the third video from my album launch night which will be released online Tuesday at Midday. Thanks for reading.


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