Posted On:19.02.2016

Hello Folks,

We are into the second month of 2016, and we have been BUSY!!!

So far I’ve helped Birdy run her first Pop Up Art Gallery. I played some music there and was the general dogs body, running around getting all the things we didnt release that we would need. My fave part of doing this in the high street in Banbury was having people wondering in glum and wondering out smiling. 🙂

If you would like to know more about that have a read of Birdy’s Blog over here.

The winter time has been the time I have been applying to play festivals, and to play gigs. I dont know what other peoples jobs are like, but I get rejected about a million times a day. Well not a million, but still I carry on asking. I have been having trouble with booking festivals this year, as I have had to raise my fee for playing. After playing 34 festivals and a further 78 shows, mine and Birdy’s income was still less than minimum wage for one person.

Yes we did get to do loads of really cool things, and I am so grateful that we can do this. I want to be able to do this for the rest of my life. I like working hard, but I need to work smarter. While money does always seem to be a dirty subject, and I constantly feel guilty about asking for it. Some people are happy with what ever price you ask, some make you feel really bad about even asking for fuel money. While I do LOVE playing music, I do need to eat, fuel is expenisive. Even though we have cut the cost of living by moving into our van, we still need to keep it on the road.

Promoters also have alot of people nagging them for slots. Alot of people are willing to play for nothing. I have been guilty of that, Ive played over all the place for less than petrol money for a long time. I cant any more. Sorry, I need to eat, I want to able to get to a gig with a bit more then running on fumes and not have anything till I get paid and sell some merch.

This is my choice, I choose this life style and I wouldnt change it for the world. The way I see it is I want to get better at this. I dont want to run myself into the ground, and while everyone else who gets to go back to their day job, I have to do more just to stay in one place.

Because of this, I will be playing less festivals and gigs this year… so if you want to see me, keep an eye on my tour dates and come see me while you can as I won’t be running around the country like I have done before…

Im not trying to be “woe is me”, I have a good time, most of the time. Its a question of what are you worth. What are you worth? Hard innit.

I  have a few special things planned for this year, one of which, is that I have been recording my new album. I have been working with Jeremy Paul Carrol (genius) and I think this is gonna be the best thing I have recorded as a solo performer. Im really excited about it.

I have some plans for the release of it. It will be announced on FRIDAY 26th FEB… So keep your eyes peeled.

Oh Im playing in Hastings on the 25th FEB at the Union Bar, I only wanted to play there as some girl band moaned about the fact they got fake blood thrown over them…

If you are about be lovely to see you




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