“Flicked the V Sign” Tour – Soooo Far

Posted On:19.11.2016

Ello Folks,

Doozer McDooze here.

The first three dates of my tour have been wonderful. I played a show with Funke and The Two Tone Baby, Sweetchuncks Band, and the Pirate and the Fox (I think I have got this right)
The Pirate and the Fox is the NOW Legendary Brian Stone and Too Be Legendary Jonny Wallis. They are playing my show at the Yew Tree Inn in December.
Banbury is a lovely place as I know so many lovely people there. That was fun. The drive till 3am coming back wasn’t so much. Missed out partying with some people, but needed to get back to Southend for my first home town show in for bloody ever.
The Railway is such a lovely place and Fi and Dave have supported what we do from the very beginin.
The was lovely, we put up Birdy’s artwork on stage, light some candles and put some tables out.

Ramjet Steve DJ’d the evening playing tracks he has found from all over the world from his travels. Mixture of Afrobeat, TV themes, Metal and what ever he fancied.

Cherry Scott hosted the evening for us, and showed off some of wonderful poetry, and introduced everyone wonderfully.
First up was me old mucker Chris Davison, I bloody love his solo stuff, and rarely got to see it, as he rarely plays out on his own, that’s why we booked him.
We did have to tell me off for selling his album for £3… Nice one Troop.
You should really listen to his album, its total perfect for this time of year… Go have a listen LISTEN TO TROOP

Then next up we had Chuck SJ Hay come over from Brighton to bring their own brand of awkward, energetic acoustic chaos. Birdy and I have been a big fan of Chuck when we first saw them. She is currently writing a Song a day, you can subscribe to get all the tunes. Head over to

Then it was me, I was nervous. I was nervous as Birdy and I was running the night. I was nervous that people had brought tickets in advance, and those who paid a tenner to come see me. I was nervous because I been plugging and building this all up for months.

It was lovely, playing to bunch of nice people, who like what I do. I am hoping, and pretty sure, the whole tour will just be full of lovely people. Its the sort of gig if you came on your own, and starting chatting you would meet lovely people that you would want to spend time with. Only nice people are allowed to come to my gigs, dickheads are not allowed.

I really like Hastings, our good friends Dave and Lis and the whole the family are always a joy to be around. It took us 5 hours to get from Southend to Hastings, this normally takes about 1hr and half, but road worls plus rain equals traffic, and a huge ton of it.
Had a lovely dinner round Dave and Lis’s then headed off to TUB to set up for the gig. The TUB is a brilliant place, and they had just done up the place, for me… not really. The lighting was prefect for it. That night I had Hobo Jones and The Junkyard Dog and David Franices supporting. Dave played really beautiful heart felt songs on his Uke, welcoming the room to the night of music.
Then Hobo Jones and the Junkyard Dogs came on. I owe alot to Hobo Jones and JYDs, if it wasn’t meeting them, writing them a song, following them around for a summer of festivals, and gigging wherever I can, I wouldn’t have met so many people. Like Gail Something Else for example. I have played the biggest stages I have ever played by meeting these guys. So to have them as my support band was a really big deal for me. They played their usual set of fully entertaining stuff. Finishing off with them handing out pots and pans for everyone to bash the crap out of in time with their last song.
So I went on stage,again. I was nervous, and still expected everyone to leave after the Hobos. They didnt and it was a really lovely show, full of nice people. I am seeing a pattern here.

So as normal with my blogs, I spend ages on them, and don’t put them out as quickly as I probably should. I constantly worry if I have made any sense at all. Normally I would give this to Birdy to read over, but its that time of year when Birdy pretty much ignores me and disappears off into her world that she paints. You should see the new ones she has been doing… just wow.

Tonight I will be returning to the Fiddler’s Elbow in Camden, I woke up nervous and in a sweat. (what is wrong with me). I think the pressure of putting on my own nights does seem to get to me. With these guys, I have to turn up and make sure everything runs smoothly. Luckily I have only booked acts what are pros at what they do. I am excited to seeing Jake and Roo, to see how their European travels have gone, and also my good friend Brian Stone, which I think this is been the longest this year I haven’t seen him, about a month. It is gonna be a cracking night. There are still tickets going, and will have them on the door too.


Something I did want to talk to you about it. Is the pricing of the tickets, I dunno why I didn’t ask before.
The tickets are £8 in Advance and £10 on the door. The evening at the railway, I paid money to both support acts, and Cherry for hosting.
I was thinking about maybe having a cheaper ticket option for people who are skint, but I don’t know how to make this work. I don’t think people have a skint card…

ideally the way I have worked it out, if 100 people pay a tenner each, I can pay everyone involved including myself.

If you was any of the lovely people who came to my Album launch back in June you might understand this more than most. I basically wanna do more gigs like that. It was great for everyone, the people who came to be entertained, the bar as people brought drinks. Just lovely.

Most of my winters in the past have been playing random pubs, that only want you to play songs they know. So i have to guess the songs they know or they want me to play simply read or UB40. Driving up and down the country, worrying about my carbon footprint, and nearly crying when I spend the evening wages on the fuel to get to the next place.

I just want to be able to do this. Well I have been doing this. I am very lucky to be living my life the way I do. I just looking at the long term plan.

The rest of the dates on my shows still have tickets, people keep thinking they have sold out, but they haven’t… yet?

Any thoughts please put them down below… I see this as a two way thing. Its just me and Birdy and you lot…


And as always I like to end this blog with a video. This is my song Nice Down Here, filmed by Fresh FX at my abum launch… News of the DVD coming soon 🙂


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