Happy New Year

Posted On:31.12.2015

Allo folks,

I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year, and welcome to my new Blog… Woooo get me.

This year has been totally crazy, we have lost some real good people, and loads of good things have happened too.

Birdy and I have been planning out what to do next. We have alot to tell you. You will find out soon enough.

I’m currently booking up Gigs and Festivals, staring at my phone hoping people will reply. Just applying for that next job.

I broke my own personal record of 34 festivals, 78 gigs, played in 5 States in America, joined a Convoi in the Netherlands, and shared stages with the best acts around.

I feel grateful to know so many wonderfull people, who all help in some way or another to keep us on the road, and wanting us to do more.

Big thanks to Dave Shoreman for making this blog, site thingy. I don’t understand the internet, I have tried many many many times.

Think I will just sing and play guitar.

More than likely I will do this spardicly, but keep an eye out for more posts about me and Birdy doing stuff.

Here’s a video that Birdy made me make. I was just playing guitar and singing to myself, and she thought this song summed up what she wanted to say. Thats nice innit.

Ill Just Try and Live My Life the Best I Can

Take Care


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