Doozer McDooze – Getting Ready To Hit the Road Again…

Posted On:02.11.2016

Hello Folks,

So winter is definitely on its way. Last week I got to play a show with the wonderful Back To The Planet, having just released a new EP, which is proper banging. That was at the Marrs Bar in Worcester, you know the place where the sauce comes from. Brilliant venue, have plans of going back already.

My tour is gonna start this week. I have spoke before that this is the first time I have hired out venues and promised to pay the support acts. It feels like the right thing to do. I am soo looking forward to seeing your faces. This summer has been too good, and all I want is keep doing fun stuff and be able to sing my songs to you. I still can’t believe it’s been over three years living off this. I probably go on about this a lot, but I am someone who day dreamed a life like this, thinking that it wasn’t possible. The first year was a bit hard, and it’s a total crash course of how to survive as a musician in the 21st century. The rule book has gone out the window. Sometimes I do take it for granted (I find myself complaining about things that if I told myself that 3 years ago I would punch myself in the face), most of the time I am very humbled and feel lucky. There is no way I am going to get rich off this, but I don’t think I was gonna get rich the way I was doing things before either.

I spent a couple of days in bed this week, the change of the season will do that. When I was a grave digger the cold snap and the warm snap was our busiest. So getting ill just seems to be what happens.

Today I have spent time playing my old guitar, it’s much bigger than my gigging guitar, but is so nice to play. Then I got a message about being in the local paper about my Southend Show. (see picture)

articleThat’s nice innit. 🙂

All the tickets for the shows are still available, if you are coming might be a good idea to by in advance as I don’t want to disappoint anyone, gonna be hard smuggling a bunch of people in my guitar case, its tiny.


The Famous Artist Birdy has gone and made a new poster… have a look

If you could share it about to anyone who is interested that would be lovely.
Tickets for all of the shows on my tour are linked on the site, full info on all the pages, I have been trying to keep on top of this website thingy. The more I look at other acts the more I release it’s an important thing to do. Until the day comes when people can just read my mind.

Birdy is currently painting and getting new pieces together, I like it when she paints she chills the hell out. Right I will leave you too it, hopefully I will see you somewhere on my tour. I need to plan out next year, so if you know of a place that would have me, please let me know.

Well every blog I do I like to end on a video. This is something me and Birdy started, lets see where this silly idea goes.




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