Kickstarter – Album Launch and a big party!

Posted On:12.05.2016

Hello, Here’s the bit where I tell you about my experience with Kickstarter…

We have funded my new album “Not Going Back To That” through Kickstarter. The whole thing was based around a discussion between Birdy and I about how to get my new album made into CD’s to sell. I wanted to try out Kickstarter as a fundraiser to get the money together to make CD’s as everything else for the album up to this point, such as recording and artwork had already been done off my own back and like many other DIY musicians such as myself, I couldn’t afford the £800 for the CD to be made. I thought Kickstarter would be the perfect platform for it. Birdy on the other hand, didn’t like the sound of a Kickstarter, she was of the opinion that something like this should be done off my own back like almost everything else is, she didn’t like the idea of asking other people to pay for the things we want, when we could just save up for several months and do it by ourselves. So we ummed and aaahhed this one a lot. Infact we spent an entire day discussing and debating it, until eventually we asked Facebook. We received very valuable and mixed responses on the status that was put up (I can’t remember which one of us did it) but it was good food for thought. In the end, Birdy and I came up with a brilliant idea… Because we didn’t want to just ask you lot to simply pay for our CD to be made, we decide to throw a party for it, as a thank-you to everyone who’s taking part. The idea was to sell 100 tickets for a gig at £20 a ticket, which would cover the cost of the album, but also provide us with a little lotta extra to give back with. So not only do you get a ticket to my gig, which is the album launch party, you also get a CD, a T-shirt in YOUR size, a Poster and Badges all in a goody bag made just for you personally. 🙂

Birdy and I planned this out really carefully, it couldn’t be like most other things we’ve done in the past where we’ve spontaneously come up with it and just gone off like a couple of nutters… We talked to loads of people, got our feedback on the idea and discussed it properly. We didnt want to just get people to pay for what we do, we want it to be worthwhile for the people who wanted to join in, that’s the part we really focused on.

So almost a month later, we put it out there…
Within 24 hours of launching the kickstarter we reached the half-way point. That was a bit mad because it was a Friday night and whilst everyone else was out at the pub or whatnot, we were sat indoors worrying about the album launch and the kickstarter. So it was a very encouraging start in the first day… But we did hit a problem… You could only buy one ticket. So after much complaining, and me racking of the brains, I found out you could reduce the amount of pledges left. So if people payed the amount for 2/3/4/10 I would have to manually reduce the amount left. This did leave me in a panic, so I had to get the person to message me that they wanted more than one ticket wait for them to order and reduce the amount. It needed to be 100 tickets that was the point, because any more or any less would make this get difficult. I also had to message people who ordered the ticket to say they only get the goodie bag if they come to the gig. People from as far as Cornwall/Manchester/Oldham/Telford are coming down, So I felt I should message them to make sure they understood that they had to travel, and thought that was all a bit crazy. Birdy told me off for this, by saying I was trying to put people off who wanted to help, but they all said “yeah I’m well up for the road trip”… You crazy crazy people.

The other thing is getting info off people, I have had to message about a third of the 127 people who pledge personally to chase them up for in the info I need to get their t-shirt size, and their picture for the album cover. It is a lot of background work and a lot of hours are being put into this, But I am very humbled/excited/chuffed to be able to get this album out and have an amazing gig to show for it too.

So to put it into a short phase



It’s the first time I have put on my own ticketed event. When I phoned up the Fiddler’s Elbow I was really scared, and asked if I could book that evening, and when they said yes I couldn’t back out… they asked me how many people do you think would come, I said 100, I really sounded like I knew what I was talking about. Thanks to you lot, it does sound like I know what I’m talking about.

Kickstarter as a platform?
I liked it, all the platforms have a cost you have to pay, but this one really worked for me. We kept it down to only 3 options. I think it needs to be simple with a simple goal otherwise it doesn’t work.

But saying that, without the people who like what me and Birdy do, we would just be sitting the van, when its raining typing on the internet…

Oh hang on that is what we are doing today.

You can find out more at our kickstarter page – HERE! – Doozer McDooze ‘Not Going Back To That’ Album & Launch Party … or just watch the video below … up to you!


Doozer McDooze ‘Not Going Back To That’ Album & Launch Party

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