Launch Night Video 1 – Skeg

Posted On:05.07.2016

This is the first of a series of videos that will be released on every Tuesday at around midday(ish)

This is Skeg.

When I first met him, he could strum a couple of chords together and there is a really nervous video of him on youtube covering Tyburn Jig by Hobo Jones and The Junkyard Dogs. Have a google once you have watched this to see how far this man has come.

I produced and recorded his Debut Album, which sold out of the first pressing in less than a week.

He plays at countless festivals up and down the country, and wrote the song of the year, PAY THE NICE STUFF FORWARD.

This is Skeg singing it with his drunken friends at my album launch.

The intro is a bit long, but its worth paying attention to Skeg trying to keep Clegg (these are both real people)!  under control.

They are a bit drunk but look at the smiles on the faces 🙂

Go to Skeg’s Bandcamp page for more music by SKEG…

Ah also … this came in just after I posted this so thought I would shove it on the end. Its the 1st review of my new album. Click here – Not Going Back to That – Doozer McDooze (reviewed by Dave Franklin)


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