Launch Night Video 2 – Skeg … again!

Posted On:12.07.2016

Hello Folks,

Happy Tuesday, we are currently somewhere in the back country and it is pouring down with rain. We had such a good time for Hoolie’s Birthday , it was called Hoolie FIVE O. Loads of cider was drunk. It was lovely to hang out with loads of friends to celebrate Hoolie turning 50.

Here’s a little backstory: I ran a project over a couple of years called Songs 4 U. This ended up being 2 EPs and One Full album, where I bidded tracks off on Ebay, to write songs for people. Each track started at 99p. This project helped us get through the colder months of the year. Hoolie won a track on Songs 4 U3, and I wrote a song about the lovely couple called Hoolie&Haze.

The whole idea of the project started from Skeg. A few years ago he sent me a message a couple of days before his wedding anniversary, saying the present he ordered wasn’t gonna turn up in time and would I write him a song for Skeg and Wendy if he bung me a few quid. Me at the time being unemployed said yes, and wrote them a love song for each other. That’s how Songs 4 U was born.

Recently, Skeg has done something no one else in the universe has done. Skeg wrote a song for me, which he played at my Album Launch Party.

It’s “Called One Man Festival Show”. He didn’t tell me he was going to do this, and just played it live at my Album Launch I was really surprised.

Thanks Skeg you are lovely.

Want to hear more about Skeg? Head to and he is on facebook at
This weekend I am playing at Wistful Festival on Friday and Tolpuddle on Sunday, if you are coming to either of them. I will see you there. Keep an eye out for my new announcement which is being posted on Thursday evening 😀


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