Launch Night Video 3 – Chuck SJ Hay

Posted On:19.07.2016


I know Tuesday aren’t normally the happiest days, so this is my way to spread a bit of happiness.

The weekend just gone I had the pleasure of playing two wonderful festivals. Wistful in Derbyshire and Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival in Dorset.

Wistful was a lovely little do, full of loads of lovely people, having a lovely time. Thanks for everyone who sang and danced the place right up with me. There is a video on Birdy Rose’s facebook page. I am still very happy about the amazing sounds of everyone singing I don’t wanna go home. Well this song does have a lot of truth in it,
The original plan was to play the gig, then drive down south to Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival. What happened was a couple of things, I found it really hard to say no to a load of people offering to buy me drinks, and Gaz Brookfield said I had to have a drink as he didn’t want to be the only one playing slightly drunk.

I like Gaz a lot and could not say no. So we stayed that night, and I am so glad we did. Got to see Dirty Davey’s first ever gig in the Vinyl and Cheese Tent (Cheese served on vinyl records, really nice cheese whats not to love).

There is a magical thing about seeing someone’s first gig, the air of nervousness will never been the same again.

Davey you did really well nice one mate. I could bang on about the line up of Wistful, it was full of loads of bands I really love. We didn’t end up leaving until around 2pm, as breakfast and tea was needed, and a lot of chatting was also needed.

So we headed down to Tolpuddle. It was a real honor to play this, my Dad used to be a Union man, and I have been told the story of the Tolpuddle Martyrs ever since I was little. If you haven’t heard the story, you should have a google and find out more.
I didn’t check this before hand but Tolpuddle was about 250 miles away from Wistful… all I could say is whoops.

So we took a pootle down and arrived around 8pm. Had a lovely evening with Skeg, Wendy, Chris, Jess, and Rosie. Had a lovely midnight jam.

I played at the Martyrs Marquee, this massive tent, with a massive stage, which was also the Hottest Tent in the Universe.

I didn’t pass out, and was grateful for all the folks who braved the heat to come see me.

chucksjhay2Right back to what I was meant to be talking about. This weeks video is of Chuck SJ Hay.

I first met Chuck last year, when we saw she was running an event in Brighton and we was “passing”, so asked if I could play. She blew my mind. She plays her guitar like its done something really bad in its past life.

Chuck is currently running a project where she is going to write 365 song in a year, she is one month in.

If you want to hear more of Chuck SJ Hay go over to here

So this is Chuck who played my album Launch, she didn’t have a title for this song when we performed it, now it is called Apple.


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