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Posted On:02.08.2016

Hello Folks,

Well this weekend has been one of the most mental ones we have done this year. Mainly the mileage between shows. The first show was at Kent VW Festival, I played at 8pm to a crowd of people who were warming themselves up for a weekend of drinking/eating/and looking at old vans. Dee the organiser is a lovely fella, who has helped us with our van too many times, and has got us out of some right holes. I went on just before a punk band called The Shammed, I really liked what they did. They mainly played a set of covers, but I much prefered their own songs.

As quickly as we arrived we were back in the van and on the road heading towards Bristol.

Now the M25 is a horrible road but at midnight you would think it would be alright… NO… traffic traffic traffic…

By the time we got round the M25 I was ready for bed, so came off the M4 in hope of finding a layby. After driving around for 20 mins and ending up back on the M4 I bite the bullet and paid to stay at a Service Station.

15quid to stay there for 24 hours… Really??? All those signs saying tiredness can kill take a break, but only for 2 hours or it will cost you… Blimey… Oh well.

Manged to get to sleep around 3am, and was woken up by all the noisy people traveling across the country on their holidays. The last weekend in July is always the busiest one.

On the Sat I took part in city festival called Brisfest. 15 Venues around the City of Bristol, get your wrist band for 15quid, and you can wonder around and see as much music as you liked.

I played at the Fleece, I do like that venue, last time I played there was at Gaz Brookfield’s Christmas Show which was rammed.

I went on after Mr Gaz Brookfield, he played a very comfortable set, he’s so good that he doesn’t have to try too hard on stage. I’ve known Gaz for quite a few years now, and now he seems be happy with the performer he has grown into. He knows his place, which I think is the title of his new album, out at the end of the year. I had a lovely gig, in front of pretty much a new audience of people. It was one of the first times in a long time that I did not recognise friends faces. I had a few people come up to me saying that they came down as they have heard of me, but never seen me play. I do not know what is happening, that’s what happens to real performers…

I love Bristol as a city and it felt so silly only being there for a few hours, wish we could have a wonder around town seeing more bands, but instead back in the van and headed to Something Else A Bit North.

It was near Wrexham, I sometimes think that traveling over night is better, sometimes its just not. Late at night there is a lot of road diversions, and this journey was full of them.

What is it with people driving with their full beams on, if you see someone coming the other way, turn it off… After a few hours of this my eyes fill like they were burnt.

Anyway arrived at SEABN at about 12:30am, packed the van on what I thought was level ground (it wasn’t) grabbed a few ciders and joined the party.

I do love the Something Else Festivals. There is not many festivals I could get to turn up after midnight and they let me in (I did ask before, I would always ask Gail if its ok to do stuff like that).

After going to bed around 3am again after chatting to loads of lovely people. I played a lovely gig up on a hill, to loads of smiley people. The sun came out while I was playing.

I watched Abdou from the stage I was one, then Attila the Stockbroker after me. What was really nice was him opening his set saying about the fact that ok we might not want to say in this place for ever, but to keep the idea of that feeling going for as long as possible.

Wise man he is.

Thank you to Dee, Chris at the fleece, and Gail Something Else for having this weekend. I have driven nearly 1000 miles, and been reminded why I don’t like doing three festivals in a weekend. For someone who lives in a van, I am not really a fan of driving.

Oh well things I complain about now, are things I would be punching myself in the face three years ago.

Anyway my new album is now available online you can listen to it on this website, head to tuuuuuunes, and on bandcamp where you can order the CD, or listen to it online, or buy the MP3s. It is also available on:


Should be spotify and other download sites, if you can find the link for me, could you send it to me.


Here is the next video from my Album Launch Night, this week is the first track from me. This video kinda makes sense to put up. The Song is Called Dreams, which is on my new album. And is about trying to make your dreams work. Birdy Rose and I are always trying to make our dreams work.

This is me singing with the lovely people who came that night.


We are launching our next kickstarter, NESW TOUR…
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It will be launched Tonight 8pm

See you all soon!



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