Launch Night Video 6 – Doozer McDooze

Posted On:09.08.2016

Hello Folks

Hope you are all well. We are in the middle of the festival season. This year has been one of the best. Last week we had a few days at the Brilliants, while Birdy packed up her first ever t-shirt design. She got 104 pre orders in 24 hours, which is totally mental. After a couple of nights there we popped into Green Gathering, this is the first time we have gone here. What a beautiful festival, and as this time of year goes we left as the party was just getting started. We went there for Fraggle’s Birthday and to play two EFF OFF sets. If you haven’t heard what EFF OFF is, you can listen to our first ever gig here.

So a drive through the night, we headed to just outside Canterbury where I played Mark and Sue’s Wedding, lovingly called WedFest. The Something Else Tea Tent was there like I have never seen it before. All dressed poshly for a wedding. I do feel so lucky that I get invited to so many lovely places and get to spend most of my time around lovely people.

So what else is happening, well my Album came out online, you can listen to it here.
And Last week we launched our new kickstarter campaign.

For info Click Here Its for a Tour in November called NESW tour. 5 dates around the UK, at 5 very lovely venues and each gig you get a unique, never to be repeated Goody Bag. So far about 15{dcaf6d368461bd88cf1395677e8e7b44790d71ed9c421f428a83155bc3403262} of the tickets for the whole tour has already gone, and there is 22 days left for you to claim your tickets.

I know this is not a normal way of playing a tour, and the tour will not happen unless the whole thing sells out. Its a risky way of doing things, but Birdy and I have had the whole or nothing attitude now.

This brings me to this weeks video, the track I have chosen to show you is You’re Perfect. I didn’t notice at the time, but everyone in the room is having a slow dance with their other halves, it was really beautiful moment.

This is what these gigs are about, everyone coming together and having a lovely time, and not only that being able to walk away with a bag full of goodies. I have been to so many shows where I wanted to buy a tshirt, but never had enough money left from the night. This way you get your goody’s, T-shirt in your size.

Well this week we are heading to Farmer Phil’s Festival, I will play a set in the variety tent on Friday night at 9pm, followed by me hosting an open mic for the evening.

If you are going, and fancy singing some songs, come down. Or if you want to just have a watch to see what happens. I am excited by this. Haven’t hosted a open mic in ages.

Thanks for reading


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