Merry Christmas One & All

Posted On:24.12.2016

Hello Folks,

I wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas, and hope all the manic running around is worth it. I am really looking to seeing my family, being on the road so much means we don’t get to see them very often.

I also wanted to thank everyone who has come to my shows, drunk, danced and sung-along. I have played the best shows I have every played this year, and feel really lucky to keep meeting wonderful people, who keep supporting everything we do. Seriously with out you guys me and Birdy would probably just sit around in our pants watching Netflix in our pants, but we keep getting invited to the best parties there is to offer, and this year we created our own parties, and thanks for joining in.

I have seen some people putting up there best releases of the year, my new discoveries are Morris & Watson (kicking a huge hole in the trad folk scene) , Jake Martin (drinking around the world and sometime playing songs), B-Sydes (a guy who is so much cooler than me). The conception of the Fox & the Pirate. I love the fact that Brian Stone has run with the idea of playing and singing and being a Pirate and making it all work so much better than I do, and seeing Jonny Wallis really come out of his shell and showing people what he can do. One of my fave gigs have been T-Bitch ones, its just the next level of ridiculousness. One of the best things I have seen this y
ear is The Christmas Carol at the Railway, the guys who run t
he pub are so talented.

Update on the Live DVD:

I currently have 100 of the DVDs on my person but unfortunately I was unable get it to you guys before Christmas. Last post for first class was a couple of day ago.

I have visited the post office most days the past couple of weeks for The Famous Artist Birdy Rose, I have mainly been her dogsbody for the past few weeks, making sure she eats, and basically doing what ever she asks, but she did it she got everything out. Last year she was still working late into Christmas eve, this year she finished Christmas Eve Eve.

Fun fact on this DVD there is not one by two songs about zombies, and happy birthday is sung three times. I personally think this is a world record and will get in touch with those Guinness people.

So once this Christmas thing out the way these will be winging to you.

Over half over the DVDs have already been claimed if you would like one, you can.

I can’t thank Cram Duplication and Jonny Ruffle at Fresh Fx Media enough for putting together such a lovely piece of work.

Its been a hell of a year, thank all of you for being a part of it. Got big plans for next year, let’s see what works. Also if you keep thinking that you wished I played near you, could you please put in the comment below where I should play 🙂

I know the world seems like a scary place at the moment, but just remember there is alot more people doing good than bad. Its just good news does not seem to be on the news… Why cant they have a good news program about all the good things going on.

Over and out, Merry Christmas

Oh one thing as I like to end my blogs with a song, here’s a song I wrote with Bearded Keef and
Doozer McDooze

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