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Posted On:19.10.2016


This summer has been amazing, I am still trying to process everything has happened. Finished the festival season off in style at Rockstock and Barrel, with a late night set in the Doozerbird Lounge, an area which I think only I played in, and had The Famous Artist Birdy Rose Artwork in the area.

The weekend before we were at Something Else in the Dean, which is one of my fave places to be. There is a maze maze, which is amazing, and in the middle of the maze was two stages, one a Geo Dome run by Joe and Dan (was trying to figure out where I knew these guys, and on the last day I figured out I played on their stage with Fraggle at Green Gathering, the only way I remembered this was because they had the Bass Of Spades! (See photo) and The Buskers Revenge which is Pirate Ship built by Trooper.
Stomping on the pirate ship was a lot of fun, it rocked about like it was on the high seas. PIRATE SHIP!!!

I trying to remember how many festivals I have done this summer so I am gonna try and list them all, if I have missed any let me know.

MacStock (Doozer McDooze)
Rockstock and Barrel Spring Gathering (Doozer McDooze)
Cosmic Puffin (Doozer McDooze, EFF OFF, Deferred Sucess, Doozer’s Space Jam Donuts)
Something Else Somewhere Else (Doozer McDooze (headline) and EFF OFF)
Cursus Festival (Doozer McDooze)
Surplus Spring Gathering (Doozer McDooze)
Bearded Theory (Doozer McDooze and EFF OFF)
Something To Smile About (Doozer McDooze)
Roystonbury (Doozer McDooze)
Surplus (Doozer McDooze)
Wistful (Doozer McDooze)
Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival (Doozer McDooze)
Thingymagig (Deferred Sucess)
Kent VW Festival (Doozer McDooze)
Brisfest (Doozer McDooze)
Something Else a Bit North (Doozer McDooze)
Green Gathering (EFF OFF)
Wedfest (Doozer McDooze)
Farmer Phil’s (Doozer McDooze)
Summer Sunset (Doozer McDooze)
Not the End of the World Festival (Doozer McDooze and EFF OFF)
Common Ground (Doozer McDooze)
Shernaigians (Deferred Sucess)
Equinox (Doozer McDooze, EFF OFF)
Something Else in the Dean (Doozer McDooze, EFF OFF, and Abdoujaparov)
Rockstock and Barrel (Doozer McDooze and Doozo)
Bostin Days 2 (Doozer McDooze and The Black Tar Rivers Big Boozy Band)

This included with a bunch of shows thrown in here and there and all over the place.

Last year we did 34 festivals, with alot of running in and out of places. So made the choice not to play as many this year. It worked, I didnt wanna set fire to my guitar by September but I am still pretty broken. It does weird me out that more people are coming to see me play then before. I always thought myself as that guy you see randomly as you walk by. But people know the words and sing them back. I have been playing music most my life, but the past three years have really shown me and Birdy what you can do if you focus your energy. We are not Rich in anyway, but we get to do what we do, every time someone buys a CD or T Shirt our lives get a little be easier.

I wanted to tell you how this life for me and Birdy really started, I was thinking about this the other day.

When me and Birdy started hanging around each other we had a chat and wanted to do something together. We made two singing paintings.

One about Tea (a picture of a cup of tea, painted with tea)
One about coffee (a picture of a cup of coffee painted with Coffee)
I wrote a song about tea and coffee. The MP3 of the song was put on a sound module, kinda like the ones you get in Birthday Cards.

All you have to do was press the button and the painting will sing to you.

We took these paintings to a bunch of festivals, and halfway through my show i would stop, hold the painting near the mic and let it play the song. At this point I was getting asked to come to some festivals, and I took Birdy with me. I was working as a Toilet Cleaner during the week and at the weekend find somewhere I could blag us into.
One of our friends Lis from Buzzy Beats saw the paintings, and in that winter phoned us to asked if we would like to do Singing Painting Workshops at Tuxfest. Schools came down in the week and the kids learnt new and cool stuff.

Me and Birdy hadn’t had much experience teaching kids, so we helped out at a local youth club over the winter to show kids music and art. That was alot of fun.

The workshops was for two weeks, it was alot of hardwork, but so much fun in the process. After the two weeks which I took as unpaid leave finish, I could not go back to my soul destroying, dead end job, So I didn’t.

The money we got paid from the workshops paid for our Van that we have been traveling around in for the past 3 years.

I think I am trying to say that ideas can lead you somewhere, well putting those ideas into action can. A silly conversation about wanting to work together, really was the start to us building this life. As with most of my life, it never happens how I think its going to pan out, but most of the time things happen much better than I can really dream of.

We really haven’t looked back, we are both still learning so much, we try alot of things out. Most things we have tried this year have paid off, a few things didn’t. That’s totally ok, there is no rule book to life. You have to try and live it the best you can.

Birdy and I live by two rules

This works in all aspects of life, trust me. 🙂

Right so where would you like to see me play next year, what festivals? if you could comment below. I can’t promise anything, but I will try as best as I can.

As I write this, I am getting ready to go to Ipswich to play with East Town PIrates…. PIRATES BRILLIANT,


Well that was a couple of weeks ago, since then I did play the Ipswich show which was lovely. Loads of people who remember the Rejects, was nice to play to the Ipswich punx.
Last weekend was Bostin Days 2, which was a proper celebration of the wonderful grass roots scene I have found myself on. Wonderful people playing wonderful music.I feel so lucky to be part of it.

Oh do check out my gig listings, as I have updated it, added a couple of bits to the shop  Have a look if I am coming near you, be lovely to see ya

Here’s a video from Bostin Days singing that bloody song again 😉



Many thanks

Doozer McDooze


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