Limited Mix Tape Cassette With Personalised B Side


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Limited Mix Tape Cassette With Personalised B Side


To Celebrate the 15 year old birthday of my lost Album “Mixtape” , it is coming out on all your fave streaming sites at the 29th September…

But I wanted to do something in the real world.

I have recently been getting back into the cassette thing, I might be nostalgia or maybe just having a physical way of recording that isn’t a screen

After a bunch of conversation and ideas of what to do this is the plan…

There will be 20 cassettes.

The Cassettes are C90 Police Interview Tapes

On Side A it will be the album “Mix Tape”

SIDE B will be a personalise album of your fave tracks of mine.

The artwork will be on a A4 sheet and hand written with my terrible hand writing.

25 quid including postage and fees etc

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