The Suitcase

Posted On:10.01.2017

Hello Folks,

I hope you all have had a nice break, I have been trying to get Birdy not to do much, but she keeps having ideas and worrying about getting the next thing sorted.

Birdy made me a “new” merch case for me to take to the gigs and festivals. Here it is in all its beauty

She kept me out the way all Christmas eve, running me on silly little missions. A ton of people were in on this through facebook, but I had no idea.

The Suitcase in question was swapped for some artwork at VDUB ISLAND a couple of years ago, with the idea that it was meant to be for Birdy to store her art work. Today I had to go through what was a full bin liner full of stuff to throw away that came out of the suitcase previously.

Amongst all the stuff there are ideas of how we would have a van to live in, what we need/like. I cant believe all the ideas of things we have tried out. I would very much like to show you lot, but I think Birdy might kill me.

Included in the array of sketches, song ideas, half done paintings, etc was all the print out for the song book, Birdy and I put together. We released this two Christmas’s ago with 100 books, all of which have homes all over the place. I wanted to ask the question if anyone would like one? If enough people would like one I will look into getting more made as another short run. I think the company we used might not exist anymore.

So 2017 is right here right now, that’s hard to get yer head around isn’t it? What are your plans for this year? I am still sorting this out myself, I have some cool stuff coming up, some things I cant talk about though.

Its strange being an independent artist in the 2016/17, you have the world at your finger tips, and someone in Mexico can listen to a song that you have just written, recorded and uploaded with in seconds. Its an amazing thing, but as much as its great for everyone to be able to do this, this means there is alot of noise out there, who do you listen to? Who is worth your short of amount of time? How is this judged?

I do feel grateful that people do keep coming to my shows. Not only that, but also that people have walked away with a massive smile on their face. That’s how I want to spend my time on this planet, putting smiles on peoples faces.


Update on the Live DVD:
There are some DVD’s still available, its a nice watch and loads of lovely faces in there.

I can’t thank Cram Duplication and Jonny Ruffle at Fresh Fx Media enough for putting together such a lovely piece of work.

So lets end on a song. Currently this is an unlisted video, so its for your eyes only. This is one of the best live versions of the song that got tents singing all over the shop 🙂

Have a good new year 🙂

Doozer McDooze

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